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Factory tour

   Creking Electronics has 6 production lines of LED encapsulation, with advanced equipments such as ASM Die Bonder, Wire Bond, Led Packaging machine,Spectrum and Color Seperation machine, Universal Inserting machine, Samsung SMT machine etc.The company insist on doing high quality LED Packaging, research and produce the core compoent of LED Display &LED Lighting -- LED lamps on our own. High-end production equipments guarantee the production efficiency , productivity and product quality, greatly reducing the deliverytime to satisfy customer’s need.


LED workshop 

Fully automatic SMT production lines

Automatic plug-in line

Fully automatic solid crystal line

High-speed chip mounter

Automatic solid crystal machine

Fully automatic welding wire machine

automatic assembly line

Module production line

Assembly test workshop


 Quality detection



Temperature humidity test

high-voltage insulation test

shock test

Sprinkler test

Semi-finished products aging line

Finished aging test

LED lamp aging test

Canister light aging test

Integrating sphere to test


Company building