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LED display to daily life becomes possible

2016-03-01 Technical support

Now, talk about the LED display screen, a lot of people can be reeled off in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Spring Festival Gala stage performance of the beautiful, however, few people will its links with household concept together. In fact, with the continuous progress of LED display technology, LED display screen into daily life also has infinite possibilities.

  The application of the field of home decoration
   At present, the LED lamp as light source energy-saving highlight new in the field of decoration has been the use of a wide range of. Some enterprises have already started the as the display component for household attempt.
   At the same time, in order to meet the indoor whole style of decoration, electronic picture frame adopts a retro wooden wrapping design. Different from the traditional painting, which can replace the screen at any time based on user preferences, thus the indoor decorative painting into a static or dynamic, diverse display of decorative elements.
   In fact, first put forward the concept of not electronic painting. Prior to this, there is a liquid crystal display technology used in electronic painting product cases, but thanks to the display principle of LED technology is unique, which not only realizes the more lightweight, easy to transport characteristics, advantages with low energy consumption, low heat, long life, enhance the level of technology of electronic painting will be to a new level.
  Household display equipment renewal
   Remove as lighting and static display equipment, LED itself as a very efficient display technology in home display areas also have application of infinite possibilities.
   At present, in order to creking technology as the representative of the LED enterprises have small spacing of LED display technology to create suitable for successful small spacing LED television and other product types in indoor viewing, can fully meet the family user for big size, high definition display usage needs.
   The display unit thickness, also thanks to the ultra-thin LED TV and even future, can be directly embedded on the living room wall, rather than integration, the whole face into a large display background wall, can be in the home to enjoy cinematic visual experience. With small spacing in the progress of technology, the future LED display screen can be achieved more high-definition, in smaller size area at the appointed time, LED TV can not only replace the flat screen TV, but also can be used in the kitchen and Study on the walls, as a part of smart home, intelligent information provided for tenants to carry on with the share.
   At present, the LED display screen is the biggest obstacle to domestic price. However, with the improvement in technology and the maturity of the industry, its price will be more reasonable. LED display technology as a kind of application is very flexible, will also be more likely to create family application.