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How to cool the LED display in The hot weather

2016-03-01 Technical support
ummer comes, for LED display, in addition to prevent lightning outside, also note the high temperature of summer weather, especially the outdoor LED display. Some provinces and cities in the summer temperatures as high as 38 °, sometimes outdoor 35 °, LED display is still kept on working, so high temperature burning, LED display can have what dangerous? Below small make up from 3 to talk about the LED display screen is how to cope with the high temperature test.
 The first: excellent material
    LED display  is composed of the mask, circuit boards, pan, for fire prevention moistureproof LED display use waterproof glue is also the important component of the LED display. All adopt the masks and pan through quality verification which has the function of flame retardant PC glass fiber materials. Circuit board is jet black anti-corrosion paint, prevent the weathering and corrosion, etc.
  The second: solve the problem of heat dissipation
  LED display area is larger, the greater the use of electricity, heat, the more obvious. Combined with the summer sunshine violent, degree caused by high temperature heat dissipation is difficult. To solve the problem of heat dissipation, from LED display appearance design and internal structure adjustment, the hollow out design, high density and high precision design circuit boards. Internal macro void design, do not produce 10 points, not cause electrical system. Without fan, reduces the LED circuit load, internal and external combined to achieve efficient heat dissipation effect.
  Third: installation specification
  LED display belongs to high power electric appliances, prone to short circuit. But really qualified LED display from the wire to the structure of short circuit phenomenon. However, during the installation process a little carelessness and negligence may cause unexpected danger. In order to ensure safety, need manufacturer to the installation guide, ensure that connect to the cathode, to ensure that the circuit connection is firm, at the same time to remove combustible surrounding the LED display. And regularly arranged to test the LED display, the professional and technical personnel.