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LED display also need cleaning

2016-03-01 Technical support


Outdoor LED display step by step into the era of "hd", showing effect and color reproduction is particularly important.The key factors of these effects in addition to its uniformity, grayscale, refresh rate, contrast, color domain and color temperature, and the influence of the dirt and dust.So, need to regular cleaning of outdoor LED display, to ensure that the LED screen display.
   LED electronic display screen cleaning aerial work, need to be equipped with professional cleaning team.Cleaning using aerial wire (commonly known as spider-man) or lift vessel, professional cleaning equipment, cleaning personnel according to the different dirt of screen choose different targeted cleaner, to ensure that under the premise of without causing damage to the LED tubes and mask to complete the work of cleaning the LED electronic display screen.
  After installation of the cleaning in order to remove a period of time after the accumulation of dust and impurities, the first thing to consider buying a good quality of clean suits, the cost of cleaning fluid generally includes electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, anti-static, such as fluid can effectively clean the dust on the LED screen and other dirty mark.Some netizens think clear water can also, but also does not affect the outdoor LED display.But water cleaning effect is poorer, and clean up the dust will be attached again.Need to note is that at the same time, don't spray the water on the screen, but will a little spray cleaning fluid on a clean cloth, then wipe gently along the same direction, and before cleaning, need to put the power cord.
Maintenance is divided into three steps:
The first step: aspiration.To suck in addition to remove dirt and dust on the surface of the display mask.
The second step: wet cleaning.Using water and steam humidification spray display mask and use a vacuum cleaner on the soft brush to scrub, tubes mask will flush clean dirt.
Step 3: drying.Left by using vacuum suction wet after washing water and water mark, to ensure that the display screen mask clean without dust.
Outdoor LED display can play the best display effect requires constant maintenance.