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China LED display current situation and trend of development

2016-03-01 Technical support
In recent years, along with the advance of technology, LED display industry is gradually rise and growing, all kinds of display screen countless years.In the process of this development, improving continuously the LED industry in China, the scale expands unceasingly, a series of gratifying achievements.Due to the LED industry in China starts late, lack of core patent technology, development more difficult, but start from the low-end market of LED industry in China, and to have the scale of today.
China LED display application market: scale
China LED display  market growing in size, in 2013 the national LED display application industry market total amount is 27 billion yuan RMB.2014, benefit from the smaller distance between products and the development of the advertising media market, the LED display application industry market increase sales volume is 2013, the year the market reached 30 billion yuan, total increase in 10-15%.Exports in 2014 LED display application products to maintain good posture, estimates of the amount of screen exports in 5 billion yuan.
China LED display application industry enterprise development: momentum
As the industry scale unceasingly expands, each big brand development trend is very strong, the LED display application 50 companies in the whole industry has sales of more than one hundred million yuan, its sales accounted for the national LED market more than 50% of total sales.Annual sales of more than 200 million yuan of enterprise nearly 30, is the backbone of the LED display application field in China.Sales of around 500 million yuan of above of 10 enterprises, is the key leading enterprise of the industry, its sales accounted for about 30% of the whole country.Scale enterprises, the backbone mainly concentrated in southern China, with the focus of shenzhen, especially the attachment region in east China is growing rapidly in recent years.
LED display: the application of technology innovation
In addition, the technology advancement also greatly reduced the operator screen cost, traditional screen technology mature, product reliability and significantly improve and perfect the technology level, gradually standardized.For special use requirements, emerge out of the "curtain LED display", "stereo LED video column", "LED brick", "LED curtain display", "LED light display" and a series of special LED display new products, greatly expand the application range of LED display.Larger improved its core key technology, such as LED display 3 d technology, color reduction, high point by point correction, gray-scale control is a hot spot in technology.Reliability, energy-saving technology into the industry such as the focus of attention.Mature, small spacing between indoor and outdoor LED display device to promote the development of small spacing of LED display products.
LED display: product market development
LED display products market is more and more broad, has been widely used, and the importance.Major projects and occasions application is very good, the Olympic Games in Beijing, 60th anniversary, the Shanghai world expo and guangzhou Asian games and other applications of several new technologies of key projects, has obtained the good effect.China has become a manufacturer of LED display application products and application of power, is heading for a technical power.This means LED broad application in the future market space, have great potential for development.LED display is to develop in the direction of indoor hd, large display system, strong trend of replacement of traditional display products.
LED display: transformation of enterprise management and promotion
As the LED display market fierce competition, some big enterprises with their own strength and advantages, another one bought a small business, by merger, acquisition and reorganization, greatly enhance the scale of operation.To highlight the brand effect to enhance their own competitiveness in the market, around the LED display industry for cross-border integration, expand the business scope.LED display enterprise in pay attention to the process design, product quality at the same time, also more and more pay attention to brand benefit, began to focus on the professional market segment, insisting the fine management course.Through new thinking and new mode, stretching the industrial chain, promote become bigger and stronger.Application of product innovation pattern began to change, to technical innovation and marketing mode innovation synergy, to enhance the brand image brand strategy.
The general development situation of LED industry chain: a steady rise
In LED applications, the traditional markets are emerging market has huge potential.Every year China outdoor LED advertising market scale in 20-3 billion yuan.The upstream industry: 1290 sets of MOCVD equipment ownership in China in 2014.The LED industry as a whole to a higher photosynthetic efficiency, lower cost, higher reliability and more wide application development, the overall growth rate is estimated to be about 30% in 2015.LED display enterprise scale and comprehensive strength increased.22 2014 first three quarters of A shares listed on the main business for the LED the company's total revenue is 18.61 billion yuan, from 2013, up 32.4% from A year earlier, the LED plate revenue growth is 26.46% higher than the overall a-share, 7.8% higher than that of electronic plate.