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Creking P10 outdoor LED display for Harbin service

2016-03-01 Company News
Creking comprehensive report: this project is using Creking P10 outdoor LED display, covers an area of 60 square meters. P10 display as the most popular outdoor LED display product for Creking, success in the global airports, malls, square, and other areas of the application plays an important role in promoting. At the same time, Creking P10 outdoor LED display on the picture is gorgeous, show the characteristics such as strong stability by the favor from the customers and the market.
  As is known to all, the weather in Harbin is out of the cold, the lowest temperature can reach around 35 degrees below zero. This means that our products stand the test of the limit of low temperature. Everyone knows more than 20 degrees below zero temperatures, composition LED display various materials because of their different heat bilges cold shrink coefficient, the change of its physical size, it's easy to have a big gap or extrusion bulge or even burst among different modules, invalidate LED display waterproof and dustproof and obvious Mosaic phenomenon. In addition, in the case of low temperature, some electronic components also not work properly, make the normal operation of the entire screen.
  In order to cope with the bad weather, our engineers formed a simulated laboratory at low temperature. On the LED display used aluminum boxes, tubes, electronic components and other parts of the strict test. To ensure that it can adapt to low temperature environment, and under the environment of low temperature operation for a long time.