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Creking p3 indoor hd display service for enterprise

2016-03-01 Company News
  Creking comprehensive coverage: good news from sales, our company P3LED hd display has been successfully installed in sun creative science and technology center, shenzhen sun creative technology co., LTD is a visual creative enterprises, is an enterprise to provide creative design, planning for the integration of large group enterprises. This time is the combination of cooperation, the other on is Creking in the field of LED display shows the professional solutions and overall strength. When our staff with PPT for Crking history, and the growth of its interpretation Creking LED display case distribution, when one case figure appeared in front of customers, lifelike picture which has attracted the interest of customers and note that the customer for the LED display to show the effect is very satisfied, sign up on the spot. With the basis of successful cooperation this time, believe in the near future there will be more cooperation projects waiting for each other to mining.
P3 LED hd display
  P3 indoor full color LED display screen is indoor full color LED display series of products with higher resolution, product adopts SMD table process, can achieve 111111 pixels per square meters, can play hd video files, belong to product of high-end LED display series, can be applied to various occasions for distributing video ads, high-definition video films, TV, etc. As Creking indoor LED display of main product and star products, P3 hd display all over the country have a classic case.