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The P5LED display for Philippines

2016-03-01 Company News


Creeking reported: with the good news from foreign tradedepartment,the project win a bid at the centre gymnasium of Lusena Philippines,which weuse P5 plaster hoisting body case.this hoisting display install two sides ofleft and right on the basketball court,it provide real-time image transmissionfor the coming basketball game. Through the two screen, it can show moreclear and wonderful game in your eyes!
Gymnasium P5 LED display

plaster hoisting body case
This LED display use P5 plaster hoisting body case.thebody size is 640mm*640mm,every one make up by 24pcs the same body case, andform a complete LED display.thisdisplay with the advantage of big view,low power,uniformity color, ultrathin thickness,light weight,low fault, easy maintain and so on.Cover with the highquality tube core materrials and high-performance drive control IC,guarantee theproduct can   work steady and displysmooth.the customer with the very satisfactory visual experience on the color restore,brightness,refresh rateand so on.
Project:LED display of the centre gymnasium Philippines
Area: more than 20 square meters
Welcom transhioment, please noted the source:Creeking Etc
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