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P4 LED display project for Yantai penglai international airp

2016-03-01 Company News
The P4 LED display project of YanTai PengLai internationalairport completeVery excellent,the customer is very satisfactory at theshow effect andQuality.the good news come again,the customer put anotherLED project of YanTai PengLai international airport with 32 square meters displayto our company.we will be complete this project with the fast timely and the best quality. It looks very clear,exquisite,The locale photo, meet cutomer’s expect display effect.
P4 indoor HD-display

P4 indoor HD-display
The quality is the live cost, development base ofCreeking, also it is the main standard of company’s product on LED display.the qualitygood or bad will direct impact the product,Creeking’s competitiveness andquality can boat but also can upset boat, it as a important role of Creeking’swhole and one successfully case is the  goodshow Creeking pay attention at the quality.I remember one word of manager Guo: Eitherdon’t do, and to do it the best! When the boss put the quality as strategic level, I thinkthe Creeking is more nearly the successful.
Project:YanTai PengLai internationnal LED display
Area: more than 32.5 square meters
Welcom transhioment, please noted the source:Creeking Etc
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