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P10 outdoor LED display for zigong sichuan

2016-03-01 Company News
Creking reported: Through one week the installation personnel have successed turn on the display project of Sichuan,this good new take    some cool for this hot summer.Also it is say thanks for the worker who effort on the first-line. Just you head on the sun,not afraid laborious and tired, let this project complete ahead!
This display install areal nearly 120 square meters,use for outdoor P10.P10 is the comparative maturity product in our company.It is popular use in outdoor advertisement show and identify propaganda ,Due to its high,Brightness, wide viewing angle, high IP grade and so on.the similar case: the holiday grand hotel P10 display project of Xiongfei Zigong Sichuan.Ice city Harbin outdoor P10 project,Weinan 130 square meters outdoor P10 display project and so on.
p10 outdoor display

p10 display
This Screen instal at the Zigong downtown area of Sichuan.people can see the clear the advertisement from so big take more advertisement 
Value than display. That is why more and more customer pleasure use the LED display show the advertisement.
Project: Sichuan Zigong P10 outdoor display
Area: over 120 square meters