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p5 mounted led display

  • 型号P5
  • 品牌Creking
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Car/Taxi mounted LED display is one of the largest characteristics different from other ordinary screen, it can follow the mobile car arrived at any place.


The outstanding publicity :
Such as mobile bus transportation is distributed in every corner of the city, its advertising effect can affect the whole city, thus bring huge propaganda role for commodity information.


High stability and reliability:
Because the car is moving, so the stability and reliability of electronic products will be more demanding.


Stability of power system support:

When start, brake and stop, car produces high voltage pulse, if the power supply system is bad, will burn screens
  Brightness is appropriate:
Appropriate brightness, if the screen brightness is not enough, can't see anything clearly in the daytime, so will lose the meaning of installation screen.

 Moudle Parameters:



 Cabinet Parameters:



 Led display system equipment composition





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