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500mm*500mm indoor die-casting cabinet

  • 型号500mm*500mm
  • 品牌Creking
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Ultra-thin ultra-light:
cabient is made of die casting aluminum forming, high strength, high tenacity, high precision, it is not easy deformation, for transportation


High precision:
Size of the electrical and mechanical processing precision to 0.1 m; Strength, good heat dissipation effect


Low cost:
cabient weight is light, the installation cost is low, body low power consumption, save operating costs, reduce labor costs.


Good compatibility:
A new structure design, satisfies the requirement of lifting, piled up


Quick to install:

Upper and lower cabient adopts hanging padlock link, install quickly and easily
  Implicit connect:
A hidden side lock connection between about cabient, with a twist, can be in place

 Moudle Parameters:



 Cabinet Parameters:



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